Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Larry and I would like to thank all our faithful readers who have been reading and following our blog during the last year. We appreciate your loyalty and your feedback.
This year has been a wild one for the economy and the markets. Most of us haven’t seen anything like this before (there’s probably some old trader left from 1929 running around out there somewhere) and probably won’t again in our lifetimes (hopefully). The Presidential election back in November gave us a clear and clean call to action by the electorate. The last thing the country needed right now was another hanging chad escapade. Personally, I had expected a more active year for the healthcare industry. I suspect that I was premature in my calls. My last series of blogs comparing Big Pharma to Big Auto had indicated several cyclical trends which are inevitable to me. Of course, I’m leaving myself open to the charge that given enough time, any prophet will be proven right. But, the fundamentals can’t be changed.
As for our blog in the New Year, Larry and I are looking to increase the frequency of posts and to recruit additional bloggers (hint, hint). We are also planning to increase our interviews.
Larry and I are expecting the New Year to be a wild one whichever way it plays. The U.S. government, along with most of the industrialized nations, is getting ready to throw a lot of money at the financial crisis. On the other hand, we have yet to see the other shoe drop from the recent poor retail season, and, it’s not just about retailers. Watch what happens to the REIT’s when shopping malls start to have more vacancies than occupancies. The world political and social situation is still unstable. I have many friends from Mumbai and have visited its streets. I was horrified by what happened there. But, I don’t want to put too negative a spin on things. There are always opportunities in life. And, Larry and I will be there blogging about the healthcare industry.
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